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People watch movies for different purposes. There are many genres and styles which translate the story for an audience. Indie, drama, horror, comedy, romantic film, fictional or not— stories are captivating. Iconic scenes can last a lifetime. Characters that jump off the script and feel real. Cinema is magic. Cinema is art. Cinema affects people so deeply their lives are modeled after plots, and characters. Some say that "life isn't like the movies," but most movies are based on life and how it has been perceived. Critics will harp on remakes or adaptations although when an original idea explodes on the silver screen, it too is picked apart by the masses. Love them or hate them, these movies are coming to a screen near you. Some of these picks are based on real people, real events, and some pick at life coyly. All of these movies were selected because they offer a new perspective and tell a great story. Grab some popcorn and save a seat.

September Releases

A movie named after its subject Judy Garland and based on the play "End of the Rainbow". Judy Garland was a child star in the 1920s with her sisters and well known for her role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She has received awards for her vocal talents as well as acting. Her rise to fame is well documented for fans although this film promises an intimate look at this starlet's life. The trailer reveals darker days for Judy while "Somewhere over the Rainbow" plays. Watch the story unfold as Judy struggles to manage fame, love, and her health. A tribute to a legend and her legacy. There are plenty of biographical movies hitting the theaters this year and next, however, this one is about a woman surviving Hollywood fifty years ago.

The Golden Glove

A foreign film about a serial killer in the 70s picking prostitutes off in Hamburg Germany. The movie trailer follows a gruesome Fritz Honka, characters in a dirty pub while snapping to a dark and dingy shared apartment. The scenes are unsettling against the romantic music playing in the background. A sure to be disturbing dive into the mentality of an unstable individual.

October Releases

Dolemite is my Name

Netflix creates tons of original content and in October Eddie Murphy returns after an extended absence. Eddie Murphy is cast as Rudy Ray Moore in "Dolemite Is My Name". Certain parallels can be distinctly drawn between the career of Rudy Ray and Eddie Murphy. Both are performers that push limits and exceed expectations. Both have been comics working in night clubs, and both have made their way to film. Rudy Ray Moore is famous for his ability to entertain, outrageous characters, and edgy comedy. This movie pays tribute to this legend and his character Dolemite. The cast is studded with stars like Craig Robinson, Keegan Michael- Key, Wesley Snipes, and Chris Rock. Witness Eddie Murphy's return to Hollywood only available on Netflix.


Batman's nemesis Joker has been done many times in the last ten years. Although there is plenty of hate surrounding this release, the teasers are intriguing. The Joker has been portrayed uniquely each time it's cast, however, when will people leave the Joker alone? This year the Joker is played by Joaquin Phoenix. The portrayal dances with darker themes reminiscent of Heath Ledger's impression. There is a certain innocence to this version that has original touches. The Joker is often perceived as maniacal, crazed, and sociopathic. Phoenix pulls empathetically at its audience by revealing a broken soul. This is possibly a revenge story, maybe a victim pushed too far. This movie is all about the Joker sans Batman. An origin story of sorts. Everyone is the hero in their own story, how will the Joker look in his?

November Releases


Shia LaBeouf is a child star all grown up. From his start on Even Stevens to his character Sam Witwicky in the Transformers franchise. Shia had disappeared in recent years, taking somewhat of a hiatus. 2019 might be the year that the star makes a comeback. Earlier this year he starred alongside Zak Gottsagen in Peanut Butter Falcon and now Honeyboy written by Shia himself. The film explores the dark complicated intricacies of his relationship between him and his father. It is hard to tell whether or not his father is a source of strength or contempt. Ultimately a question it asks the audience. The ones that raise us are responsible for protecting us when we are young and defenseless. This film seems to dance around the consequence of what happens when our parents don't have a child's best interest in mind.

The Report

Adam Driver plays Daniel J. Jones in a movie that unveils an investigation of CIA torture techniques following the events of September 11th. A day no one can forget, that has traumatized and changed the country. A day that is tangled in controversy, confusion, fear, and anger. The trailer is upsetting and uncomfortable, but impossible to push away. Conflicted with a case that discovers deep secrets and jeopardizes his career for the sake of exposing the truth. A story about asking questions and finding answers even if those answers aren't integrous.

December Releases

Portrait of a lady on Fire

A time period piece dated in the 18th century that takes place in Brittany. The main cast is all female. Marianne, a young painter, is hired to paint a wedding portrait of Heloise. What appears to be a simple task becomes difficult because Heloise cannot know she is being painted. Marianne must study her subject and paint privately. The two become closer during their daily walks. During a time when marriage was based on property, wealth and the family name, this story follows passion. The cast exemplifies the strength of women, their oppression, and rebirth. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire is a story of romance, love, identity, and sexuality.

A Hidden Life

Another story that takes place in the past. A Hidden Life is based on real events during the Holocaust. Franz Jagerstatter refuses to fight for the Nazi Party in World War II and is charged with treason. Franz struggles to resist his country's principles for his own. As the world around him is turned upside down, he is taken from his family and persecuted for his rebellion. The trailer opens with scenic views of open fields and misty falls. Then the two characters are introduced, as we flash through their love story narrated by Franziska Jagerstatter. A beautiful life shatters on the floor in moments.



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Ashley Aker


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  • Julie Nunn 4 years, 8 months ago

    Love it!! Thanks for the trailers!!

    • Ashley Aker 4 years, 8 months ago

      Thank you ! Which movie are you most interested in?

  • Julie Nunn 4 years, 8 months ago

    Judy....I have been hearing such good things about it....I hope it isn't just a glossy tale of her life though, because it was messy. She became a raging alcoholic which ended up ruining that incredible voice of favorite movie of hers was actually A Star is Born. Her performance made me weep.

    • Ashley Aker 4 years, 8 months ago

      I am actually also really excited for Judy. I think she was a powerful performer that not many know about. I read about her career for this article, and couldn’t believe she was performing since the age of 2! I also knew that 2018 a star was born was a remake but I didn’t know that she starred in the original. The remake was one of my favorites from last year. I am curious to watch the original though. Thank you for your comments

  • Julie Nunn 4 years, 8 months ago

    There were actually a total of four A Star is Born films....I have seen all of them and the one with Judy was far and away my favorite. Although the updated version of it with Lady Gaga was very well done. Her performance was so raw and realistic....much like Judy's was.

    • Ashley Aker 4 years, 8 months ago

      Oh wow I miss have misread that! I thought she was the original actress. ☺️ Yes I think Gaga did a nice job. I will keep my eye out for the one with Judy.