Submitted Date 03/02/2019

Dear Past me

Why weren't you just happy to be a kid

Why did you want to grow up and become, this

Why did you beg so much for rights and independence

now I complain so much for both of them


I don't get it

we live


we die


we want to grow up


we want to rewind


we want to be grown ups


we want to go back to our past lives


Past me, what did we want in life?

cause nieither of us were happy

since our dreams just turned into a dumb fantasy

we wanted to be what we are currently doiung

but I want to be that careless kid again with the least of responsibilities and worries


I guess in the past

we didnt worry about taxes

we didnt worry about student loans

we didnt worry about college tution and where it really goes

we didn't worry about money

we didn't worry about work

we just wanted to grow older so

we can move out of the dependant life

and into the dirt


We should of listened to mom and dad

get the good grades

don't just cruise inbetween lanes

just to live life your way

you still have to work hard then play

not play the work hard


Now look at where we are

feeling like a disgrace

losing faith

not caring if your dieing

cause your gonna leave at some point

Trying to finish college but your struggling in that race


So Past,

if you ever get this message be happy with what you currently have

Cause you won't know what you had until it's gone

and your heart turned black

You forgot to check the pages before judging the book by its cover

and because of that

Cathcing up is where we are at

- from othello pass



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