Submitted Date 09/10/2018

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and it is the network that every business should be on, no matter what industry you are in. There are so many benefits of having a Facebook Business Page. These benefits include increased exposure to potential customers, helps you gather more leads, and helps lower your marketing expenses. 

After creating your Facebook Business Page, you want to make sure that it is optimized so that you can maximize your conversion rates. Here are my top tips: 


TIP #1: Use Your Cover Photo To Showcase Your Business

  • The cover is the biggest image on your page, so it is the most impactful. This will be the “first impression” on your Facebook page. You can use a photo with text that explains your services, or better yet: a captivating video. 

  • If using a video, it should be 2090 seconds long. 

  • Cover Photo Size: 820x312 Pixels 



TIP #2: Add A Long Description To Your Page

  • Add a long description (in your about section), use SEO keywords, list services that you offer, add social media links, and other relevant information using keywords that people would type into Google. 

  • Add a relevant cover photo to this description (It should be different than your main cover photo). 



TIP#3: Call-To-Action Button

  • This button helps you convert leads into customers. There are many different types of buttons you can use: Call Now, Send Email, Get Quote, etc. Switch it around until you see what gets the best results. 



TIP #4: Add Page Tabs To Promote Services

  • You can add the services you offer with a small description and price. 

  • How to Add: Settings –> Edit Page –> Add Tab. 



TIP #5: Pin Most Important Posts

  • Pin your most important posts on your page so that new visitor’s can see the most relevant updates right away. 



TIP #6: Utilize Reviews

  • As a business, it is important to build a strong credibility. Most people will check your reputation online before making a decision. 

  • Ask each customer with a positive experience to leave a review on your page. You can also use incentives to have clients leave reviews. 




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