Submitted Date 08/05/2023

I've always thought highly of myself

Never much of myself

As this blunt dissapates from the face of this Earth

Ashes buried on someone else's lips

In the faraway depths of someone else's mind

Ego is devoid of substance

because it refuses to weigh itself

It or I?

Let's make sure things don't get too out of hand

One too many sleights

We'll have one too many rhetorical questions to face

Bouncing off of one another

Tit for tat

A meticulous game of 4D chess we play with ourselves, with each other

But to what tune, to what end?

Is there even a goal in mind, a goal in sight

There's a goal far off in sight

But we don't have time for games

We sure have time to complain

No one wants to hear that

But they don't want to go viral

The cost to force you to change is not enough

Myself, I'm stuck on my own hamster wheel

Jumping rope that can never high enough off the ground

Let me wipe that tear off your face

I can see your lips salivating

Is our ego something we can think away, rationalize away?

Ego is devoid of character

Because character is built not bought

Ego and I

You're just not something that I can blow off


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