Submitted Date 05/04/2020

Instagram tends to be a place that gives me a bit of anxiety or simply hooks me into this mindless blackhole of continuous scrolling. However, I recently saw that one of my friends started doing this really cool photo series on Instagram called Nostalgia Series. It is an inspiring project in which you pick 10 pictures of a given era or time in your life (i.e. Freshman year college) and write a little message reflecting and looking back to those wonderful times.

Now, more than ever, I was incredibly inspired and even compelled to follow along with her trend by starting to do the same Nostalgia Series on my Instagram. The simple fact of having an excuse to look back at my old pictures was all the convincing I needed to do this. Let me tell you, especially now in crazy times of quarantine days, looking back at old pictures will have you smiling, laughing and maybe crying. It is such a simple yet pure act that really reminds you to enjoy the tiny things in life and each and every moment in the present.

I invite you to join me in this project and have a beautiful and nostalgic journey down memory lane <3




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