Submitted Date 07/06/2020

I love making new traditions, and one of my favorite that my family and I have started is playing the random question generator at dinner. We all get to answer 5 questions, which eventually lead to really incredible conversations of topics that we don't necessarily always discuss. It's also an incredible way of getting to know your family better; you wouldn't imagine the amazing stories my parents have shared.

1. Do you have something special that picks you up when you feel down? What is it? – Listening to jazz and looking at old pictures.

2. Would the world be better or worse if superheroes existed? – Wow this is an incredible question. Gosh, I want to say that it would be better, but I think it depends on how the superhero would punish, because I don't really think it would be effective to fight hate with hate or violence with violence. I think if the superhero had a really cool way of catching the bad guys and making the consequences interesting (and positive to society; maybe some community service hours etc.) it would make the world better.

3. What is the strangest way you met one of your friends? – I met one of my best friends through Facebook! I was looking for a college roommate online and I found her FB page, so I messaged her. We stayed in touch while the rooming process took place, but we actually didn't get paired up together. Eventually we met in person in college and became close friends instantly!

4. What recent experience made you feel old? – This experience wasn't as recent (it was pre covid-19), but it made me feel so old! I went to a bar that was really close to my apartment with some of my friends. Because we used to live right next to our college, there were many younger kids in the bar. We felt really out of place because it felt like our Freshman year in college, but we had already graduated. And you could tell the kids in the bar were looking at us as if we were ANCIENT! Haha it was pretty funny.

5. If you had to pick a single word to describe this year so far, what would it be? – HAHAHA I actually laughed out loud when this question came up. One word? CRAZY!

Feel free to check our my Part 1 that I did where I answer other questions :)


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