Submitted Date 08/26/2020

Lately, the world has been undergoing so many changes that it has become easier to feel disconnected with our minds and bodies and leave us feeling out of touch with ourselves and our surroundings. In moments like this, I find it very reassuring and grounding to say a few affirmations to myself, and I wanted to share my favorite ones in hopes that it can help anyone who is need of a little uplifting inspiration. Feel free to start your day with these 5 daily affirmations:


1. I am worthy of love, kindness and compassion. I acknowledge my own self-worth and accept my truest self.

2. It is okay to rest and reset whenever my mind or body is in need of it. It does not make me lazy or less hardworking.

3. I believe in myself and everything that I do and want to achieve.

4. I let go of all negative self-talk and any and all bad vibes surrounding me.

5. I will live fully in the present and be grateful for a new day filled with endless opportunities.


I hope these daily affirmations will come in handy and will remind you of the beautiful person that you are and the blessing that being alive is!


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