Submitted Date 10/10/2018

The road less traveled is scary for some,

Preferring to wait to see what may come.

The wind blows bringing a journey that is new,

Bringing new hopes and dreams, new opportunities for you.

Do you follow the wind and see where it will go?

Or do you stick with the safe, abiding with the things you already know?

Fear it is said, is an enemy to the mind something to be ignored.

Should it not be invited though, even implored?

For fear, it is that allows one to see.

To know what really and truly could be.

Fear pulls us in and opens our eyes,

Revealing the truths, half-truths and the lies.

Showing you more than what they want you to know.

Giving you choice in what you should sow.

So follow your fear and listen to your soul,

They show your deepest desires, which reaching should be your ultimate goal.

Do not settle for silver listening only to what you are told.

When your heart’s truest desire is to obtain the gold.

Be your own keeper and follow your way.

Don’t hold yourself back for fear of what others might say.

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