Submitted Date 05/20/2019

I almost lost myself

In the depths of the darkness

Nowhere to turn

Nothing to say

I had made a mistake

So severely intense

I crawled into a hole

And hid from everyone

The people I loved

The people who loved me

I pushed everyone away

So they wouldn't get hurt

When I did the inevitable


But then he came back

After I pushed and pushed

As hard as I could

To save him from the pain

Not realizing I was causing it

I didn't think he cared

I didn't think he loved me

I hadn't called him in weeks

Wouldn't answer his messages

All to protect him

But somehow he knew

He knew what I needed to know

He said what I needed to hear

How much he loved me

And I realized what I would do to him

If I left


We meet everyone for a reason

Whether it's a lesson

Or because they are what you needed

Some people leave easily

Others leave a trail of debris behind

But some of them stay

Even when you try to push, they stay

Pay attention to these people

Because he's my person

And although we were not speaking

He showed up just in time

To pull me off the ledge.



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  • Ceara 4 years, 6 months ago

    We meet everyone for a reason
    I am also a big believer in this and I think your poem says it clearly and backs up your point. Thanks for sharing!

  • No name 4 years, 6 months ago

    Not every meeting is explained right away. Powerful poem

  • Miranda Fotia 4 years, 6 months ago

    Great piece! People who stick around through bad times are rare. It's so nice when you find someone who you can't scare away.