Submitted Date 02/04/2024

Beyond the politickin, protesting in the streets, gangbangin'

The worst of our kind send the wrong message, they're the worst representatives

Dusty, crusty. musty like the three stooges

Stains on their shirt, holes in their pants, one pant leg up, nails unclipped, missing teeth, piano keys that can be stepped

A melody that only they could possibly jive to, a vibe that sheds skin and uses it to fuel a campfire

Not all of us are homeless, but the points still remain

Beyond the anti-intellectual streak

Beyond the stream of failed rappers and wannabe ballers who can't shift course

Holding on to dreams long past their expiration date

Ask them to pick up a book

They'll legit tell you it's too heavy

NBA type niggas, nothin' but ass

Locs and braids do a lot to pave the way... in a sense

They're a lot to pay for the symbolic representation of the chains

that we've struggled through so much to escape from, to be made undone

I have to put up with getting my hairstyle criticized way more than enough

The worst of our kind have all the right critiques, but no solutions or answers

Maybe being nappy headed does something to the brain

Weighs it down, strings your brain up and plays with it like a ventriloquist


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