Submitted Date 05/19/2022

The search begins for something new.
You look for spring, for someone green
And here I stand in blue.

Cold air, hands bare and desires to be true
But desires do not make fires.
And I'm so cold, I'm blue.

This longing I have for words and the silences in between.
I often fear this time of year
When all of you are green.

All the joyful gals, every laughing fellow,
Their summer sun has just begun.
I wish I could shine in yellow.

But deep inside my winter's bed, in fear and constant dread
I hide myself inside myself
And blush so hard I'm red.

How long have I carried winter? Slung it over on my back?
It's been too long, and I was wrong
To always hide in black.

It's only me that I can bring, here in the warmth of spring,
Like all of you, I'll shed my blue
and reveal myself in green.

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