Submitted Date 06/05/2019

I don't know much about your world, but mines gotten a little crazy. I work at a hectic place and my mind is always running. It seems like everyone around me has got their head straight and I'm the only one fluttering and fluttering away from the pressure. The reason why? I don't know much about the products we are selling here at this company (there are over 10,000) items we sell online, and nor am I interested in finding out about ALL of them all at once. Customers call me at my desk, and I have to be the one to answer them when the call comes down the line to me. Well, how do I do this, or pretend to?

I think it's about remaining calm in situations when the water has run over your head. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was stupid, but I can tell you that there are days where I am smiling and feeling confident in myself. I think the peace that lives inside you is what is going to produce your self-confidence. And the lack of it will only steal your joy.

1. Fight like a warrior. You won't truly get self confidence if you stay put and don't move your feet. Work at it. Work at the things you struggle to understand, the things that make you feel insecure. Ask questions. Then ask more questions. The more you try to understand, the more confident you'll feel about what you know.

2. Don't fight the smile. Most days, you have an alright day wouldn't you say? Then a bad thought comes and creeps up and takes all your joy away. You beat yourself down for not having this or that. You question your place in life. You get filled with the feeling of lack and you doubt. Why not destroy all that? Find your peace in the midst of the storm by combating these negative thoughts. Instead of self-deprecating thoughts, try planning for the future. Say no, In the future, I'm going to have more than enough. I will provide excellently for my family. I will live out my dreams because I have a destiny to fulfill on planet earth. Don't let doubts get you down!

3. This is the final, most important step. Find the place where you feel most confident and practice being there. For me, it's with a guitar learning how to play or listening and singing along to music. Music for me is not just a thing- it's an art that draws me in and comforts me when situations look grim all around. I feel like I can truly express myself when I'm lost in the world of music. That's my piece of heaven.

I hope you find your own peace even when critics get you down. I hope you write your vision and make it plain. I hope you accomplish everything that's in line for your destiny! Stay confident on your way there!


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  • No name 5 years ago

    Super inspiring and sweet!

  • Alexander 5 years ago

    Very practical advice, but very taken for granted! Nice!