Submitted Date 09/14/2022

I shot a horse today you see,

Not done with grace or even dignity;

A broken leg will doom a horse,

To a life of torture or great remorse.


I shot a horse today you see,

Unable to stomach the pain for me;

I pulled the trigger and off it went,

To the great beyond whatever that meant.


I shot a horse, today I cry,

Pain came running I cannot lie;

Death come knocking again once more;

To settle a debt, to even the score.


The horse no fault I could not blame,

Having to hide my guilt and now my shame;

For I love all things on this green earth,

Prizing all of them no matter their worth.


It's different killing a horse you see,

A man knows why I kill for thee;

A horse knows different you see their eye,

No harm to you do they wish to ply.


I killed a horse, today I'm sad,

Could never be happy, never be glad;

The horse I killed could only look back,

Only my face it saw before all went black.


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