Submitted Date 11/28/2022

Monday's are when normal people dread going back to their job

But since I am not normal, I will sit around like a slob

Come Tuesday, the frustrations of Monday often wear away

But for me, the day's irritation has yet to go away


Wednesday is hump day the average white-collar employee

But I am still pissed off from Monday; my anger you can see

Thirsty Thursday is one of the best days of the entire week

But for me, I'll lounge around, and I'll probably need a tweak


Thank God it is Friday most people will excitedly say

But for me, it is just another goddamn day without pay

Saturday is the day that everyone goes out and about

But I'll be inside, like people stuck in due to a bad drought


Sunday is often a day for rest and for some people prayer

But for me, I know it's all a lie and I don't fucking care


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