Submitted Date 04/13/2020

Water the thorns

As the shadow of twilight cuts through the rolling hills

From where the sun now stands

I will fight no more


I will clean my teeth with tree bark

And wash my mouth with the leftover dew off of the splendid leaves

I will decorate the fields with colorful shrubs

Roam through a maze of them

As if this garden is a castle in disguise

Chess pieces, like servants attend to my every need


One gets caught up in their own rambling anti-social drunkness

Vision gets blurred

The heat, the fire, the smoke, they rage on

And the sweat from one's liver hasn't yet dried out


From where the sun now stands

Twilight is but an afterthought

My castle could be a valley or stream

Both guide me into two different directions

Both give me a view to lose consciousness to.


Both give me the strength to fall over

To fight no more

Bottle and gravity, one and the same

Both give me the strength to

smell the prickly roses

To embrace the concrete, the gravel,

Mother Nature's floor

Father Sky's toes


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