Submitted Date 07/13/2019

Every writer would like their fiction masterpiece (in their eyes) to be made into a major feature film and I had always had high hopes for my book 'Tesla and Twain'. As of yet, it has not been picked up by Hollywood but this month a new film is coming out about the electrical war between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, which some chapters in my book cover.

'Tesla and Twain' is a fictional take on the friendship between the inventor Nikola Tesla and the writer Mark Twain. They had been friends for some years, even though there was a big age gap between the two of them, the writer being in his elderly years and the inventor in his thirties. They started their own club, the Players Club and would meet most nights for drinks and games of billiards. Twain was fascinated with Tesla's mind and inventions and Tesla liked being in good company, which I am sure Twain was.

The bit I neglected from the book is their 'breakup'. I am unsure why they stopped being friends but I think it may have something to do with the fact that one day Tesla stopped drinking alcohol. It may have been to do with the time he listened to a lecture from the Swami Vivekananda, who was talking about the path to discovering the Divine and that path included forsaking the booze.

One of Twain's most known quotes is "One can never trust a man who does not drink" and I wonder if he said that after Tesla stopped imbibing. For a couple who had had such a good strong friendship it is odd that Twain omits any mention of Tesla from his diaries and I wonder what that says of their friendship or how much Twain was hurt that their friendship did not last.

Fingers crossed that one day a film production company will take an interest in the friendships of these two, they were both important people in their time and are still famous today for their works and their personalities.



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  • Rick Doble 3 years, 4 months ago

    Such strong personalities were bound to reach a stopping point -- and they were coming from very different perspectives.