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"I'm jackson" I flashed a bright smile that could make any girl blush

"I'm Elizabeth" she responds quietly


I watched her scream and yell and throw whatever she could get her hands on at me. She looks so beautiful when she's angry. He hair flips back and forth as she yells, it's so beautiful, I love her hair, I love her face...the anger in her eyes


There's nothing I love more than her yelling at me, god it turns me on so much. I make sure we argue all the time just so we could have make up sex, ist just always so passionate and so sexy when she gets like that god I love it

I watch as she picks up a glass vase as she continues to yell and I smile but only on the inside, I still want to give off the impression that I'm angry as well but inside i'm loving every second of it

please please please throw it, hit me, hurt me, take out all that anger you have on me.

But she doesn't, she stops midway and she stands there for a second, i could feel the disappointment creep inside of me as she puts the vase back down and sighs

Damn it.

She looks up at me with teary eyes and I immediately regret it

I might have taken things too far

My eyes widened and I quickly went over to her, pulling her into a tight hug. She's quick to wrap her arms around me, hugging me back. We stood there for a while just holding each other tightly, not saying a word as she cried softly into my chest.

I can't help but feel extremely turned on by how tight she's holding on to me and how she's crying

I dont know whats hotter her crying or her being angry

Either way I love it but I can also help but feel bad


"I...can't do this anymore, i can't do us anymore" she finally mumbled quietly against my chest. Something about what she says flips a switch in my head that I didn't know i had

I wanted to make her worse

I wanted to break her to the point of there being nothing left of her

That way she could be fully mine

Body and soul

I responded by holding her tighter "yes you can…" I say, my voice soft and low

She tried to pull away, but I just pulled her back in. "Let me go," she said as she kept trying to pull away, but I was much stronger, so her struggling didn't do much.

I could break her so easily

I could just squeeze and squeeze until there's nothing left of her

But I don't

"Stop it" I says his voice cold and low

"No, Let...me go" she responded louder but her voice was still shaky.

I can't help but love the fear in her voice

God, it's sick and twisted but I love it

I pulled back slightly and aggressively grabbed her by the sides of her face, pulling her in close. I looked at her with an intense and passionate look in my eyes

"You're not going anywhere baby, you're mine and mine only, you ever try to leave me and I'll kill you" I say in a deep and threatening voice

I want her to know how much I love her and how far im willing to go

Her eyes widened in shock as she took in my words.

She stopped struggling and just stared up at me in fear which only made me want to smile more

"I'm kidding" I say

I'm not kidding but i don't want to worry her that much so i try to act like i am

Elzabetheh sighs and she glares at "don't make jokes like that" she mutters angrily ,

I chuckle at how serious and angry she's trying to sound but there was still fear hidden in her words

"I'm sorry" I responded before leaning in and kissing her. She immediately melted into the kiss and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I deepened the kiss, my hands roaming down her body and reaching her ass, feeling her in my hands. I gave her a soft squeeze but she pulled away with watery eyes

Which confuses me because I thought we were okay now.

."What's wrong?" I asked worriedly as i reach to wrap my arms around her in a comforting way

"I can't do this, it's always the same thing I can't.." She tried to pull away from me again but I wasn't about to let her pull away

Not again, so I held her tighter

"Elizabeth... my voice was low and soft a sharp contrast to how I was a few minutes prior

I liked and wanted her to be angry and upset but I didn't want her to hate me, maybe I did take things a little too far.

"No no....I can't...every argument ends the same...always ends like this…and I can't stand it, if something doesn't change I don't know if i'll be able to take anymore" she looks up at me with tears flowing down her cheeks. One part of me was absolutely loving the tears but another part felt really bad

I gently grabbed her by the sides of her face, pulling her in closer. So that our faces were inches apart.

"Okay okay, we'll change, no more arguing, no more, if we disagree we'll sit and we'll talk it through instead of arguing okay?" I whispered softly and gently as I gently caressed her cheeks.


Did I mean what I said, maybe maybe not


"......okay" She agreed, her voice quiet and slightly shaky


I lean in the rest of the way and our lips connect in a soft gentle kiss.


I wonder how long I'll be able to last…I love her and I want her to be happy. But when shs'a angry or sad it's just on a whole other level of hotness. I can't help myself…but for her i'll try.

I didn't last long

One week later

Elizabeth storms into the house slamming the door behind her,

That bitch slammed the door in my face.

Part of me thought God that was hot

The other part but was too angry to be turned on

I stormed in right after her yelling. "DON'T FUCKING WALK AWAY FROM ME, ELIZABETH" I shouted at the top of my lungs, I really wanted her to know how angry i was

I wanted her to fear me enough to beg for my forgiveness but like always she didn't instead she yelled right back at me

"I AM NOT GONNA STAND HERE AND LISTEN TO YOU ACCUSE ME FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T DO" she yelled back which only pissed me off more

Elizabeth was hanging out with a friend and i didn't think much of it that is until i saw her at a restaurant wearing a tight short red dress getting all buddy buddy and close with ELLIOT fucking elliot of people

I got jealous and started yelling at her and practically dragged her out of the restaurant to the car and we were yelling at each other the whole ride home.






I watched as she sighed and ran her fingers through beautiful thick curly hair. "I didn't mean anything by it, I just thought I looked cute so I wore it. i'm not I swear I would never cheat on you"

"Prove it" I said not believing her words

Call me a sick jealous asshole but i think it's a good thing, it just proves how much I love her

"Excuse me?"

"Prove to me that you're not cheating"

Is my word not enough

I stayed quiet for a while really thinking about her words

Was her word enough for me?

"No" I replied, my voice firm and cold.

She stayed quiet for what seemed like eternity just staring at me in disbelief

"I think...i think we should break up" I finally said

For some reason her words really triggered something deep inside me

But it didn't make me sad….it made me angry

It made me want to hurt her

Yell at her

Force her to stay

I could feel the anger burning inside me but i knew I wasn't really angry

I was upset but I didn't know how to handle it

And not knowing what else to do…I slapped her

Her hand quickly reached up to her cheek and she looked up at me in shock.

I may have yelled and thrown things but i never at her, I never hurt her before, I couldn't help but feel really guilty and immediately regret it, but another part of me was still so upset and angry that she could ever think about leaving me

she take a step back in fear but I wasn't gonna let her get away from me so I quickly grab her by the shoulder tightly

"You're not going anywhere you hear me, you're fucking mine you hear me, you try to leave and ill fucking kill you" I said sharply, i wasnt quite thinking about what I was saying i just angry and scared t the thought of her leaving me and i couldnt let that happen


"Let me go" she stuttered quietly, her voice barely above a whisper. The fear was evident in her voice, from how shaky it sounded. I responded by tightening his grip on her almost painfully. The fear in me was also rising as I took in her words

No she cant leave me

We have to stay together forever





She doesn't have a choice

"No, not until you say it..Say you're mine"

"You're insane" she muttered quietly her words rang through my head

And it hit me hard

She thinks i'm...insane

My expression darkened and I let her go, stumbling backwards. His eyes started watering as he looked down at his hands.

My mind goes back to every other time I was called insane. The painful memories that came with it. When I met Elizabeth I thought it would all change. I thought she was different. But she isn't, she's just like everyone else…..no ....no she isn't..she's different..even after knowing i had bipolar she stayed..she loved me….she was different...better.

I can't let her go...

Only then did I realize the amount of love that I had for her.. The things I would do for her

If I can't have her

I looked up at her with a saddened expression,

"Please..please don't leave me" my voice is low and shaky and tears were flowing down my cheeks

I really can lose her.

Her expression changed from angry to worried it almost gave me hope that shed forgive me

"J-Jackson..her voice is just as low and just as shaky as mine

"I cant..i can't live without you baby please" I pleaded as more tears poured from my eyes more heavily now.

"Don't say that, that's not true" she walked up to me and put a hand on my shoulder to try to reassure me and in some ways it kinda did but not enough

"NO!! I can..i need you baby please please don't do this" my voice sounded really desperate as I begged and pleaded for her to stay.

"I'm sorry jackson but i...can't do this, i think i should go stay with my sister tonight..we'll talk more tomorrow."


I cant..i can't let that happen

"Please" I pleaded one last time but she was already making her way towards the front door.

My thoughts started racing as i watched her turn away from me

No no no no no you can't leave you can't leave you cant

Without thinking I grabbed the closest that I could grab in such a short amount of time and I hit her hard in the back of the head.

I didn't mean to...didn't mean it. I just don't know what else to do. I didn't want her to leave me.

I watched with a heavy breath as she fell unconscious and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Fuck my life.

I paced back and forth in panic...I didn't know what to do

Shed definitely leave me now

I can't...I can't let that happen

I cant let her leave me and find some other guy to love and cuddle and fuck

It had to be and only me

My eyes darkened as a sick and twisted thought came into my head

If i can't have her...then no one can..

I knew what i had to do

It's been a sick thought that's been going in and out of my head ever since i met her i never thought id actually do it cuz I didn't think we'd ever break up..i thought we'd be together forever

Maybe we still can but if not with body then with soul

I quickly ran down stairs and grabbed some rope then in the corner of my eye I saw a can of gasoline and froze in place as an even darker thought came into my head. I walked over and grabbed the can, it was still full. I know I shouldn't do this but I don't know any other way to keep her with me forever, so reluctantly I decided to go through with the plan.

I go back upstairs with the rope and the gasoline can I walk over to elizabeth

Luckily for me she was still unconscious.

God she was so beautiful, I'll miss her body but at least I'll have her soul.

I quickly tie her up as tight as I can then give her a quick kiss as a tear fell down my cheek.

Once she's tied up i grab the can of gasoline I walk out the room to start with the plan

I start with our bedroom, then the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, pouring gasoline everywhere. I want a huge fire to show the world how in love we are. It'll be an amazing night show of our love and in the middle me and Elizabeth.

Finally I finally walked back into the living room and my heart started beating when she had woken up. Her being awake just makes everything so real, this is really happening.I can't tell if im scared, excited Maybe both

"Jackson..." she said, barely managing to speak. I Looked at her with a saddened expression but I didn't respond. I walked over and knelt down next to her.

"Jackson... she repeated, her voice a little louder and filled with panic but yet again I ignored her. Instead I put the can of gasoline down on the floor and grabbed the sides of her face, planting a soft and gentle kiss on her forehead. I wanted to reassure her before all this goes up into flames in a huge proclamation of our love. These Flames will tell the world you can remove us from thai world, you can remove our bodies but you can never remove us from each other for this will unite our souls together forever,

"Don't worry, after this we'll be together forever" I whisper softly against her forehead.

"Jackson, what are you talking about?!! Jackson, what are you planning to do?!!" She keeps asking these questions but I ignore them all. Instead I grab the can of gas and give her one last kiss on her forehead before standing up and pouring gasoline all over the room. "NO no please n jackson please" I ignored her pleas and continued to pour gasoline over the room. Then I walked over and poured gasoline over her, she coughed and gagged as the gasolines falls over her

"Please don't do this jackson, please" she begged and pleaded as her eyes flooded with tears But still I ignored all her pleas and took a deep breath before to pouring gasoline on myself, i gagged slightly as the gasoline cascaded over me, a small bit of gasoline getting into my mouth

All for love. I reminded myself

I knelt back down next to her and grabbed her face pulling her into a deep kiss. She tried to pull away but I just tightened his grip on her face forcing her to stay put as I kissed her. I needed to kiss her one last time before we died. After a while of me kissing her and her struggling, I pulled back and rested my head on top of hers.

"Shh, it's okay, it's okay just remember the pain in just a reminder of how much I love you, and once this is over we can be together forever" I mumbled quickly against her hair. I pulled back gently and leaned in and kissed her again but this time she didn't pull back. She whimpered against my lips as tears poured down her face. I pulled back and we looked into eachothers eyes

She continued to beg and pleaded for me to stop but her cries fell to deaf ears. I took out a match and lit it which only caused her pleads and begs to get louder and more desperate.

But i needed to do this, I had tom fr us, to make sure no one ever gets her again, to make sure i was the first and last person to ever hold her, to make sure i'm the last person who ever sees and loves, to make sure our souls become intertwined forever, I had to do this.

"Jackson please please, think about this please" she cried desperately for me to stop, but it was all pointless, i wasn't going to stop.

I took one final deep breath and gave her one last kiss before throwing the match. IU watched as the place went a lit and the fire quickly made its way towards us, it wasn't long before we were both screaming due to the immense pain of the flames engulfing us

It was so painful and so unbearable but it was all for love, all for us, for her so the pain was all worth it. I continued to hold her tight I can as our skin burned and sizzled in the flames

Then there was nothing, no more pain no more anything, just the last fleeting thought of our souls intertwining before we left this world for good.







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