Submitted Date 05/02/2019

Sailing on a wave of doubt,
the dark clouds hovering,
I want to shout-
at the chains of lingering ghosts from the past,
who knows how the die is cast,
paddling aimlessly into the fog,
seem to always be hitting a bog,
the tears flow freely like a gushing open wound,
the ocean roars to a stormy tune,
A scalded moon glows,
as the sharks circle round,
the laughter of loons,
please don't let me drown,
a glimmer of hope hangs in the air,
taking a chance, what more could I fear?
Ambition and desire will help me to rise,
I cast a glance to the open sky,
the storm has passed, a peek of orange shines through,
A rainbow manifests, as the waves become anew,
calmly now, the journey is clear,
the wounds will close slowly,
never mind yesteryear,
be mindful of who's taking space in your head,
when the storms whirl about,
conjuring, foreboding and dread,
dismiss all the ghosts, the loons and the louts,
for you were a victim, you can stand proud,
the wounds will heal slowly, your resilience is spellbound.



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