Submitted Date 01/19/2019

Where do I belong in this world so grand?

I feel like I am drowning in a sea of quicksand,

I do not think like you do so that makes me wrong,

Is it a must to agree and just follow along?

Can I not be myself and my mind freely speak?

Why does my opinion to you always seem weak?

Is it me who is struggling outside looking in?

Or are you the intruder waiting for me to begin?

The road has become rocky and my boots I have left behind,

I feel the need to express what is constantly on my mind,

I feel an abyss growing between our two hearts,

Because of the forbidden undesired parts,

You want me, but only as you see fit,

Until I can comply, on the sidelines I should sit.

Well, I am telling you I am tired, I do not wish to change,

I want to be me, to be another feels impossibly strange.

Do I belong here or maybe I should go?

Do you want me as I am, if not please just let me know?

I am who you see, and nothing else will I be,

This is all that you get, this that you see.

So you decide now, and here I will wait,

Be forewarned though, decide before it is too late.

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