Submitted Date 06/07/2019

I use to be that person everyone looked to. The one that had everything. That could smile even if her heart was slowly breaking. What did they expect? Tears streamed down my face. MY heart felt as if it was shattered. They didn't care. They could see the emotions on my face. I was glad. My body shook from the emotions i was bottling up. "Everly?" He spoke my name. He looked as shocked as ever. Seein me here. School? Who would have thought? A fifteen year old going to school? "Its not what it looks like" he stutters. I couldnt take it though. I came up to him. The girl he was with stared at me wide eyed. Yep no one saw this coming. I slapped him. He looked at me in shock. "I'm no longer the same because of you" my voice spoke in venum.


I woke up the next morning like nothing happened. But everything happened. So how am I able to walk up like normal. I gritted me teeth but still got up. I didn't want to go to school knowing he'd be there to. Try to lie to me shame on you but maybe it's shame on me for believing in you? I use to be someone that I can barely tell is there anymore. When I look in the mirror I can barley see my old self. Maybe that's the price for falling in love? Sometimes if it's a loss you lose part of your heart. I clinch my fist over my heart. It was going a mile per minute. My breathing was stiff. My word i thought in my head wouldn't come out right. I went to school anyway. I smiled like I always do but I still felt naked and vernable. I'm never going to be the same. I clinch my hands. Stepping into my last class of the day. Unfortunately it's the one he sat in right in front of me. I couldn't hide he'd just have to turn his head to see me. Everly. I heard my name called from the other side of the room. I didn't think nothing of it. My attention was to his best friend. Even seeing him made me panic. We're not even friends why is he calling over to me? "What" I demanded annoyed that he had the guts. "Will" I cut him off. Of course he wants me to talk to him. He's the friend that's only thinking about his best friend. "No" I cut to the chase not to wanting to continue talking to him. My ex walks in. He looked awful. I didn't care though. I turned my head away from him. Facing the other way. Of course he comes to sit down in front of me. `it is his assigned seat` a voice in my head spoke. Stupid logic. Why can't I just be stupid and not think? He looked at me. I looked fine. Nothing happened to me so don't look at me. I thought about speaking to him. The teacher came in.


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