Submitted Date 03/01/2024

Not so long ago, just after graduating from college, I must say I spent almost a year without being employed, and I can testify how this feeling hurts. No wonder a lot of people end up ruining their own future by indulging themselves in all sorts of bad behaviors as a result of unemployment, although this is not a solution and has not to be a solution at all costs.

To cut a long story short, I was far behind in my knowledge of how people earn money online. I won't lie, I couldn't even imagine how that could be until the day I stumbled upon a certain blogging platform, "AdKeeps. Full of curiosity to get to the tip of how it works, I spent some good time going through their blog. I remember correctly that it was this Write, Share, and Earn that was always lingering in my mind. After a few days, I started looking at this platform in a more positive light. I realized it could be one of those useful tools that could help me with some upkeep money if I gave it a try, which I did.

In Brief Adkeeps is a platform that allows you to give out your honest opinion and positive stories about products, services, and apps, just to mention a few. This platform pays for every honest, approved review you submit at a minimum of $1, and for newly signed authors,there is an attractive $5 sign-up bonus always waiting.

As I thoroughly enjoyed navigating the platform while appreciating other authors creativity, I started having a feeling of becoming one of the authors (adkeepers) within just a week. I was fully conversant with the platform, and I started voicing out my best experiences with different products. Since my sister runs a cosmetic shop, I mostly wrote a lot of articles about different skin care products and hair products because I already had enough knowledge about these products from my sister's customers. But one can write about any other review provided he or she has knowledge and experience with that product or service, and now even a website or an application.

In case you might be wondering what it takes for one to get his or her article published on AdKeeps, well, in a simple and straightforward process, one must first have an honest review or positive story of experience with products or services to share and ensure it is self-created and plagiarism-free, with not less than 1000 characters, and also written in English with grammatical errors well corrected. Upon doing that, one must also provide a title and a link to the product(matching the product) or service. "Avoid posting links to nudes or pornographic materials."

After one has done all that and submitted the article,a panel of Adkeeps Editors usually reviews the article, recommends it, and approves it for publication. That's the moment one starts riding his or her ladder to success in online money-making.

I forgot to mention that upon signing up for Adkeeps, one will also need to have a working PayPal account, as Adkeeps pays for your approved articles through PayPal, and this is usually between the 25th and 30th of a monthly cycle. The minimum withdrawal amount is $25.

What made me start falling in love with the platform of AdKeeps is that it is like a basket full of gigs. In addition to earning from writing articles, AdKeeps has also set up a bonus way of earning by simply sharing posts on social media platforms, and guess what? It doesn't necessarily mean that you must be the one who has published the post; as long as you are an AdKeeps member, you are eligible to earn through this process as well.

And lastly, the ranking system of authors (skilled, honored, etc.) makes it possible for one to earn more money as per his or her rank.

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