Submitted Date 12/14/2019

There in the crooks and crannies of the gutter

Bile and fluid is passed around in celebration,

Slimy and sweet

Champagnes predecessor, per se

The cockroach rises out of it on a mission


It makes an excellent investigator

It scans its premises, seeking out

Its next victim

It nibbles through wood and eviscerates all the leftovers such inviting guests have prepared

Powered by an endless appetite


It swarms in spirit and sneaks up on you

A second later

The cockroach avoids near death

With the bundle of sticks that matches

the boots on the ground


A nomadic creature

Through cracks

Pipes, heaters and the doors one might

consider closing

The cockroach lives on a continuous map

Tan brown bricks just make a nice decorative border


From below, and outside

The stars align so differently

Who's looking down on who?

How do they rule over us?


The cockroach can't contemplate any of this



Nonetheless, everyone plays their final tune in

a minor scale

Even fascists, squashed to ashes

The cockroach doesn't rise up out of very much



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