Submitted Date 06/14/2020

Of my sisters I am not the one to fuck with,

I have been walked on once to many.

I teach myself to carry keys like claws,

To smile like wolves,

A promise of all teeth and terror if you come too close.

I will not bend to the will of weak men because they speak loud and beat their chest.

Instead I learn to tread soft,

And where to trace each prominent vein.

And I watch my sisters for others threats because,

They will give you mercy,

They will kill you swiftly.

One to the heart,

One to the head.

Me I prefer the throat,

I will watch you bleed.

I like the taste of copper on my tongue,

And red looks so pretty on my lips,

So when you bare your teeth to wild beasts,

Be sure you aren't the prey.


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