Submitted Date 02/23/2019

Just because I am tiny does not mean I will not fuck you up.

The A bomb was tiny compared to the destruction inside,

And I carry my sisters, my mother, my grandmothers, and every other woman before inside of me.

And how much destruction do you think I can hold?

Have you ever felt the fury of a woman scorned?

Because we seem to forget the first willful wife,

And she laughed in the angels face when they bid her to return to Adam,

And I’ll spit in your face if you tell me I should be beneath any man.

You call your battle ships “she”,

Your weapons as well,

And you want to taste me?

I’ll tell you now it will taste rusty with copper,

The tang of iron will cling to your tongue,

Because I’ll cover myself in your blood before I let another man force me.


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