Submitted Date 07/13/2022

I wrote a poem

On the walls of my heart,

Etched in eternity

So that we may never be apart

Inexorably linked

By the ink of my blood,

Drowned in forever

Opened are the gates of the flood

Emotions overflowing

A deluge of my passion,

You may swim in other waters

They are calm in their fashion

No one died of desire

In a pond or a lake,

Because shallow waters are shallow hearts

And shallow hearts are fake

Depth is what is real

The pull draws you in,

Remember Bella Swan

When she dove for the Cardinal Sin

Love isn't what you live for

Love isn't why you cry,

Love is why you sacrifice

Love is the only reason why we die

Because the one we can live with

Will never be enough,

It's the one we can't live without

That becomes the reason we know it's love

So I wrote a poem

When I fell deeper than Hell

I wrote a poem in my heart

That no other lover will be able to tell.

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