Submitted Date 06/17/2019

I felt his warm embrace. I felt safe. I felt calm. Out of everything in my life. He was the only one I could rely on. With everyone in my life it was only one way. He said my name in a husky whisper. "Emma" he said in my ear. My lip tingled. I wanted his lips on mine."Daniel" I said his voice with so much emotions. It felt like my whole word would fall apart without him by my side. That's how much. That's how much I love him. out of everyone though. It's someone I knew could break my heart. Daniel turned me around to face him. My arms wrapped around his neck. His lips went to my neck. I shivered. I bit my lip to not make a sound. His lips soon found mine. It fit perfectly to me. My heart hammered against my chest. I broke out of the kiss breathless. His arms was still wrapped around my body. All I wanted to do was put my head into his chest. Just so that when it's time for him to leave me to. I'll remember him. Even if he does break my heart.i put my ear to his chest. I felt his heart beat. It felt like music to my ears. His arms wrapped around me. My head on his chest facing the window of his room. "I love you" I mumbled so he couldn't hear a thing. I felt him tense up under my hold. I released him from my hold. Looking into the light green eyes I could never get enough of. Unlike mine. I could look at his for hours not thinking it looked like crap. "I got to go" I say loud enough for him to hear me. Breaking the starring contest that we were doing. "I'll drive you home?" He suggested. All I did was nod. I sighed walking into his bathroom. I looked into the large mirror. My mud water brown eyes. My normal light brown hair and pale skin. There was nothing worthy about me for him to want me in the way I want him. A small tear fell out of one of my eyes. I wipped it away quickly. I look down at my outfit that I came here with. All he wants is one thing. Something I could give him. I looked away feeling so guilty. I've like him for a year. Right after my ex. He's the only one I felt like I could count on again.

When I ended up telling him. About me actually liking him. He couldn't do a thing about it. He already had someone in his arms to call his. What would I even be able to show him. I clinch my fist. When I found out they broke up. I was of course sad. I was slowly getting over him. Talking to him didn't feel like it was anything different. U asked him why they broke up. The only things she couldn't give him. The one thing I've already given someone. I thought. Maybe. He would end up liking me the way I liked him. See me in the light no one has dared to see. That was the only thing he wanted though.

I came out of the bathroom freshened up. My hair fell down past my shoulders wet from me putting water on it to calm it down. "Let's go" I say mostly to myself. I need to let him go. "Sure" he says then smiles at me. We arrive to my house. I opened the door. "Night Daniel" I say getting out of his car. "Goodnight Emma" he says when I close the door


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