Submitted Date 01/21/2020

As I take a break from packing up the last two years I've spent in this little house I am taking notes for the changes I want to make in the next place I will call home. Two years doesn't seem like a lot, but while I stuff my personal belongings into cardboard boxes I can see that plenty has happened.

When I first unlocked its doors I was 27 years old. My child was barely out of diapers. Everything fell into place effortlessly, as we unpacked box after box. A move is always stressful and displacing. I couldn't wait to settle in and finally relax. This new place had its flaws among its many obvious charms. My three-year-old soon became a preschooler. We walked to school every morning hand in hand on a bike path each morning. We sang and skipped the whole way. Some mornings would begin rough and there were arguments but by the time I kissed that cheek goodbye amends were always made. If that little one got tired I carried them the rest of the way. We hosted holiday feasts and two birthday parties. We learned how to fix sinks, and toilets, the dishwasher, and the dryer— on two occasions. Our family always finds our rhythm and each time we move the dance changes in small ways. This time things are new.

The move is always stressful. The boxes are piled high in the living room and soon they'll be transported and unpacked in a new living room. Our family will put a record on and find the groove. Right now I am packing up the stuff I want to keep and writing a list of things I can't wait to start working on in our new place. Some of our belongings are the same ones we started with almost ten years ago. They have survived three moves and it might be time to upgrade or replace some of those "less thought about" essentials

For example, the garbage can. I have had the same garbage can in my possession since 2010. A basic thirteen-gallon, white garbage can. It's white so it always looks dirty. The lip has to be tipped up using your finger. The bag is always losing its grip on the can. This garbage can has served a purpose but I believe its time to replace the dingey white plastic for something new.

Why are garbage cans so expensive? Now I know why I have a cheap featureless garbage can. All I want is a garbage can that closes and isn't white. I don't know if I need motion-activated features. I appreciate its convenience but I never replace batteries in my kid's toys. Now I'll have to buy batteries for the garbage can? I would love something stainless steel, or black, with a step-on lid for under $100.

After sifting through tons of motion-activated, deodorizing frills, I found this one from Wayfair for 76.99.

My beloved pup is entering an elderly age. I have begun to notice that it's much more difficult for her to jump onto the couch or the bed. I have always shared the furniture with my furbabies but now it might be time she had some furniture of her own. I would love to find her a nice comfy dog bed for the living room and another for our bedroom. I want her to feel snug even if it's not snuggling with me.

I want to find a bed that is big enough for her to stretch out. Something that is comfortable and washable. Dog beds are also a little pricey but not always. I took to the internet and found this.

This one is made with memory foam! The plush cover is removable and washable. The rich fabric color matches her coat so I won't worry about the dog hair that gets shed there. I love the lip that she can rest her head on. I can always catch her judging me during the day, at least now her neck won't be strained from giving me side-eye.

The new place has a small laundry space tucked away in the hall. There are a few cupboards for detergent or to store an iron. The new backyard doesn't currently have a line for linens. I don't imagine I have the energy to install one myself so I am attracted to the idea of something indoors that doesn't take up too much space.

This drying rack attaches to the wall. The rack can pop open for use and tucks away neatly when it needs to be. Admittedly this isn't a flashy addition but I think the new place needs more convenience options and organized storage solutions.

The aforementioned three-year-old is approaching the age of six this year. Therefore the baby hangers stored away in the closet can't keep the clothes hanging. I love clothes and instead of giving up some of my own hangers, I figure we all need some new ones. These come in a pack of sixty! That's a ton of hangers for my little one. One pack can hang every article in the closet and room to grow.

The laundry hamper is a neglected piece of furniture. Mine is white, plastic and almost always overflowing. I inherited mine in 2009 to bring use during college. It has served me nobly but I would love to get something that is more sophisticated. I want something that keeps my laundry contained until laundry day.

This "Laundry Cabinet" is just what I want. A lid for the laundry that contains any stinky tee shirts or whatever comes home from school. A huge container that holds all the laundry and the ability to shut the lid.

The kid of the house has been shoving books in a chest made for toys for the last two years. I truly miss the built-in bookcase we had a couple of moves ago. I could save two shelves for books and the rest of the shelves on top I used for clothing. The chest we have been using since then doesn't hold the books very well. My goal in a new place, in a new bedroom, that we can gift a true bookcase.

This bookcase is perfect. There's a drawer for coloring supplies or journals. The sturdy shelves can hold all of the books with room to grow.

Title Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Ashley Aker


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