Submitted Date 01/11/2019

Another beautiful day begins.

Breakfast for all hot out the kitchen.

Cleaning, a breeze, although a little help would be nice.

Don't let me stop your fun, mommy got this, right?

Enough time to down a coffee in a hurry, better make that two.

Found the missing sneaker, but now lost the other one.

Get the laundry from the night before, or maybe two nights ago, or three, um four?

"Has another seen your brother?"

I need more caffeine.

"Just take one more, its almost lunch, no the cheese not the jelly bean!"

"Kick your sister one more time!"

"Leave me alone I'm trying to go pee!"

Maybe food will make them normal or even fall asleep.

"No more juice drink water, no more running, NO NO NO!"

One day you're going to get what your giving to me, at least thats what im praying for!

"Please flush the toilet....and make sure that you wipe"

"Quite your brother just......great he's awake happy now!"

Read silently to yourself, your not giving a speech.

"Say that one more time and you're going to wish you weren't a kid of mine!"

That's it! Go to bed or no electronics for a week!

Underestimated the youngest ones ability to fight his sleep.

Victory, all tucked quietly in bed.

Where's the wine bottle, as I slip into bed.

Xzibit A, Xzibit B, Xzibit C mommy falling asleep.


Zipping, zooming and running around, these are the *yawn* ABC's of a ...mommy.......meltdown.......

Regina M Basile


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  • Andrea Hope 5 years ago

    I can definitely relate! Peeing alone used to be such a simple luxury.

    • Regina M Basile 5 years ago

      I can relate one million percent! My biggest mommy moment is in the shower, I swear I always hear one of my kids screaming lol!

  • Miranda Fotia 4 years, 11 months ago

    Lol...this is so funny and so relatable! Great piece!