Submitted Date 02/19/2019

It has always been said that you can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. To take this even further, you can be in a world full of friends, family, supporters, and strangers-- yet still, be independent. Independence is something we were all born, whether we realize it or not. There may be times where you feel like if you were to lose someone or something, then you would become lost. This simply is not true.

A harsh reality we all must face is that change is inevitable. People change, jobs change, feelings change, and we ourselves change. We can’t control the change around us, but we can control the change within us. No matter the circumstance, our independent self is the only person we can count on to shape our lives. Luckily, this is a wonderful thing.

As I said earlier, independence is always inside of us, but sometimes we can get distracted when we rely on other people or things. This is only a distraction and there are ways to avoid them in order to find comfort in being independent.

Why is it important to feel independent?

The answer is simple. One day, you will come face to face with a situation where you have no choice, but to make your own choices. You might be ending a relationship, moving somewhere new, starting a new job, or going to or graduating school. One day, the time will come where nobody will be there to hold your hand, so you have to stand tall and walk yourself straight into new opportunities.

How can you begin to feel independent?

Well, you must start by getting in touch with who you are. One would think they know enough about themselves, but there is always more to learn. We are constantly changing, which means you should constantly question yourself. What makes you happy? What do you value? What do you want? Challenge yourself to reflect, learn, and grow. In short, discover what makes you, you.

Once you feel independent, what is the next step?

Use the unique knowledge you’ve learned about yourself and connect it to your goals. Find your strengths, weaknesses, and special personality and discover all the ways they will help you reach the future that you want to have.

Once you’re independent, you realize you are never alone... and there is nothing you cannot accomplish!


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