Submitted Date 11/14/2019

This past weekend, I experienced something that I never in a million years would have imagined. I was leaving a bar with a group of my Spanish-speaking friends and as we were chatting and walking away, I heard a woman say the following behind our backs: "We speak English here."

In a matter of seconds, my brain tried, in what felt like an eternity, to process the words, the situation, the woman's intentions and the absurdity of it all. I had never once, in the 22 years of my life, been treated with such disrespect and hate. Although, in all honesty, I wanted to confront the situation with violence, I took my rage, put it into words, and I stood up for myself and all others who have ever felt so powerless in a situation like this one.

I keep looking back and thinking about all of the ways in which this situation could have ended, I could have been violent, I could have simply turned a blind eye and walked away. But even though anger took over my body, I am glad that I pushed back against this hate with words rather than violence. I am sure that I put this woman into her place and that she was shamed for her inhumane close mindedness and ignorant ideologies. Such was the shame that she didn't even have the decency or power to face me, rather she put on her hoodie and turned away from me.

The reason why I am writing this story is because after taking a few days to reflect upon this situation, I learned the power of pushing back with kindness. At the end of the day, this woman's life lacks LOVE, COMPASSION & EDUCATION. If you really think about it this is an extremely sad way to live. Rather than letting her hate affect me, I am taking the time to wish this woman some love, self-respect, empathy and understanding.

I am proud that I had the guts to stand up for myself and my friends and that I am learning to push back with kindness.

I wish you all a kinder and happier life. And remember how lucky we are to be living a life filled with love and empathy; something that people like this woman will never understand.





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