Submitted Date 09/04/2022

Mother I say today, "okay"
I've never been openly vocally or presently to admit that we could learn to be more
carefully about how much better it would be if each knew who we are,
to see that nobody can break us apart
A bond marked with lines of pain
chain across our veins
I restrained by saying today in this way before.
My lane takes away another day without making any efforts to be seen openly emotionally, like you've never seen straight through me.

Mother today I feel completely awake recalling every day of past misery; that made me who I am.
I change colors every day.
just to see if you can read into the colors of my soul
Mother I just want to say nothing
but something twisted in dejection.

Of my own esteem crying in despair,
to decide when shall this dead face in the mirror clear away every piece called me from the day I was born
marked by uncertainty on my birth!




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