Submitted Date 09/25/2019

How To Organize Each Space In Your Home in Eight Easy Steps

Do you desire to be organized and more stress-free? Do you need help getting started on organizing?

Staying organized is an area many of us struggle with! Keeping the home organized brings much peace and takes chaos away! So, the more spaces we organize and stay organized, the easier our life will be!

So, let us get started with a basic plan of the organization. Following are eight (8) steps to organize any space in your home.

Step 1 – Choose a space you desire to organize. Take everything away from the area you have chosen (see following steps). If space is one corner of your living room, then remove any items you can from that space. Make the area a "clean slate." The ultimate goal is to make the most of the space as possible with the least amount of clutter.

Step 2 – Purge unneeded items. Create a box for giving away items. Create an area for things which need to go to another room and be put in its proper space. The second area can be another box or crate to move items quickly from one location to another.

Step 3 – Place like items together. To get an improved visual of this step, let's say you are working on your kitchen pantry. When you replace items to the pantry location, then put like items together. This can be all the canned goods together so forth. In your bedroom closet, this could be making a place for the shoes to be in one section of the closet.

Step 4 – Easy accessibility is essential. When possible, create a space for like items. Such as place extra rolls of toilet paper with extra boxes of tissue. Another example is to place cleaning supplies together. In the front room area, create easy accessibility of magazines – put them in one central location. The location can be near books you read regularly.

Step 5 – Label bins, boxes, crates, and containers. When placing items back, consider using bins and containers to help you be more organized. You can label each container in a variety of ways (choose one). Use chalk labels, printer labels, tag labels (like gift tags), or use your favorite label machine. The idea is to be able to see all like items at a glance.

Step 6 – Place items in their space. Once you have purged items, placed like items together, and add them to containers (if needed), then you are ready to place items in their designated space. Place most used items in the easiest location to reach.

Step 7 – Create new habits to put items in their proper place. This is even more helpful once each area of your home is genuinely organized. The home spaces do not have to be perfect, but you want to keep them organized.

Step 8 – Make adjustments as needed. While taking the time to organize each space in your home, you may try one thing and find it is not working well for you. Give yourself permission to make adjustments. Part of the journey is finding out what works best for you and your family. So, take a breath and try something new.

Start Small to Prevent Overwhelm

Remember, to start small to prevent overwhelm. An ideal place to start is in the bathroom area. Usually, the bathroom is the smallest room in the home. Choose what area you will do first – drawers, cabinets, shelves, or the countertop.

I prefer to start with the countertops. Then, move to drawers, shelves, and last cabinets. I recently started an organization and purge going through each room of the home. I chose the smallest space, to begin with. When I finished this area, I was more motivated to move to the next area.

Over some time, I have gone through nearly every room of the home. I used the steps above to make progress and be more organized overall. I still have a place to make improvements, but going through the house has also helped me to feel better.

Will I go through the home again using the same steps? Yes! During the first sessions, I gave away items that I knew I could do without. When I go through each area again in a few months to make adjustments, then there will more than likely be items I will be willing to get rid of again!

Easier Each Time You Organize Each Space

Going through each space in your home a second time should be easier. This holds true as long as you are keeping things organized and not bringing a large number of items in the house. While I arrange and purge, I ask myself over and over "Do I really need this?" Moreover, "How long has it been since I used this?" By asking these questions, it has helped me even when I go to the store with the family. For example, when I am looking at the clearance racks of clothing. I ask myself, "Do I really need this?"

Mindset Shift – Organization Training

Changing the mindset is key to bringing lasting change in your organizational habits. One, not bringing in too many new items in the home is one mindset shift. Another mindset shift is to place all items in their place regularly. Creating new thought processes will help you long term.

Are You Ready to Organize Each Space in Your Home?

Now is the time! The holidays are coming, and it is an excellent time to get started on the process! Add time into your schedule to use the eight steps to get organized and stay organized!

Choose your first space to organize. Purge any items you do not need. Place them in giveaway boxes labeled with the place they are going to (if you have more than one donation place). Place like items together to ease replacement of items. Think about easy accessibility and use containers or other storage units if needed. Label your bins, boxes, crates, and containers for more effortless organization long term. Place like items together in their "new organized" space.

Remember to create healthy organization habits and make adjustments as needed. Start small to increase motivation. Then, move to bigger spaces progressively. Remember, it should be easier to go through your home spaces a second time later – several months, six months, one year later. Focus on new thoughts of the organization – limit buying, put items back into their spaces.

You can do this! I know you can! Take it one step at a time! And, happy organizing!


Barbi Green


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