Submitted Date 09/08/2023

Are we bowing our heads like we're the Japanese?

Is there a giant invisible wall standing in the way between all of us

Who built it? The Chinese?

Nobody wants to ask questions

Nobody wants to take action, take charge, lead with some courage

We're all sitting ducks on lilypads made out of barbed wire

Nobody wants to get to the bottom things

Because we don't know how deep we're in

There might be no end

The half-assed eye contact we do try to make reflects off of these invisible walls

And echoes at a pitch that's dead on arrival

What are we avoiding?

Scroll to the bottom of the page just to reload the same ole' shit

We're not in India

and there's no elephants for miles and miles as far as I can see

Our bodies have hollowed out but our hearts are still beating

At the mercy of tech oligarchs that have side hustles as ventriloquists

Technology has given us appendages that we can't unsew

These are devices we go to bed with at night now

Without announcing it

We've made them our new lovers while having an open affair

Heartlessly and selfishly discarding the mortal souls we once felt bonded to,

we once felt obligated to

Drunk on blue light that projects like a neon sign

I'm buzzed out from a lack of authenticity

Yes Siri, Alexa, I said authenticity, not authentication

Even If I did

Google can try as hard as they can, develop whatever algorithms they can cook up

It ain't fixing that bug anytimes oon


Still drunk on blue light, every single day now

The hangover is perpetual now

Do we feel anything

Here's a needle

If it pricks even a little

Are there nerves under the skin?

Is there flesh to be rot to begin with

Do our pores still absorb sunlight

Is there gray ash on my skin to be



When will God answer my prayers and questions?

I hope he's not overwhelmed with customer service

If I can't be sent back to my maker

Then goddamnit, whoever they are, they need to build us a better model right down here on Planet Eartg

Maybe we need a glitch in the matrix

Reach your hand through it

and see if you can grab mine


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