Submitted Date 06/23/2020

With the summer heat blazing down on all of us, I have learned to rely on a different version of my favorite drink; iced tea. Trust me, drinking boiling hot beverages in this weather is like entering a sauna while wearing winter clothing. Therefore, I have experimented on how to make my own version of iced tea at home. Here are the steps!

1. Boil water (I know this sounds contradicting, but it'll work, I promise)

2. Pick out your favorite tea flavor (I tend to go for Chai, English Breakfast or Matcha)

3. Choose a jar of your liking (I tend to pick a large, glass jar so I can have more tea and it can last longer)

4. Place 3-5 tea bags in the jar (the number of tea bags depends on how strong you like it)

5. Once the water boils, pour it in your jar

6. Wait 10-20 minutes so that the tea steeps (again, this will depend on how strong you like it)

7. Wait 3-4 hours so that the tea cools down a little bit

8. Put it in the fridge

9. And voila! You have iced tea.

10. Add your preference of sweetener and your choice of milk (I tend to do honey and almond milk with my morning Chai).




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