Submitted Date 08/05/2019

You came to see me today,

You wanted to turn around so bad.

You cried the whole way here

I can still see the tears on your face.

I can hear you sobbing in the room before I walk in,

Now I want to turn around so bad.


I walk in slowly, introduce myself with a smile

I have to make you feel like everything is ok

I have to make you feel like this isn't going to tear you apart

I have to smile even though I want to cry with you.

I look down and see big brown eyes and a welcoming wag,

Your best friend, your dog.

You introduce me to him and I pet him gently.

You tell me through tears he's all you have but it's time.

I know it's time, you know it's time

But the time is never right.


I have to be professional

this is my job.

You looked at me for a moment

Maybe searching for emotion,

I promise it's there but I can't show you that.

I sit on the floor as you cradle your best friend

I insert the needle as you tell him he's a good boy.

We watch him go limp and I tell you he's gone.

I have to follow procedure and speed things up

Tell you he's gone and escort you out,

But I don't.

I give you time, as much as you need.

I come back in the room and you tell me your ready to go.

I know you're not and I let one tear fall.

And then you give me a hug and leave.

I sat in the room and cried, just like I always do.


As euthanasia technicians we are here to help you

We are taught not to show you we are sad too

Only because we don't want to make it worse for you.

We feel it, trust me we do

We meet your dog one time, only the day they die.

We are the faces you remember taking your dog from you.

We know we are doing the right thing for you,

But understand we are human too.

So please don't get offended when we don't cry in front of you

Because we do that when everyone's gone.

But when the day is over and we go home to our own dogs,

We will be back tomorrow because this is tough job

But someone has to be there for you

When you know that day has come.


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  • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 4 years, 10 months ago

    Karmen, this is amazing. I have often thought of about those who do tough jobs like this. Your words explained everything so well. They gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. Though I could not do this job, I have so much respect for those who do. As you said, this is a job that must be done, that doesn't mean those doing it enjoy it. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the job you do.

  • Carrie Lowrance 4 years, 10 months ago

    Karmen, this was amazing. You had me in tears because it made me think about putting my cat down several years back. It also brought tears to my eyes because of the way you described your job. Those who work in the vet industry every day are amazing. I have never looked at someone who does your job and think that they are cold in their demeanor. My vet and his staff were amazing with me when I put my cat down. I don't see why people could ever think you all are not affected. You're in this profession because you love animals just as much as your clients.