Submitted Date 09/02/2019

She closed her eyes, She couldn't help but not want to see anything that was going on in front of her. Tears sprang down her face, she stood there shaking in fear.

"Why are you just standing there, Katylnn!?" she heard the cause of her fear shout at her "open your eye" she opened her eyes to see the man in front of her smirking. She looked to see her mom was passed out cold. She ran over to her mother. Blocking her so-called father from getting to her.

"Leave her alone" she stuttered out.

The man laughed at his daughter. "you think you can tell me what to do?" He continued laughing.

Katlynn was shaking. Fear and anger were both trying to knock down the walls. She looked at her mother. She was still breathing. Her father was walking towards her. She was shaking. Her father grabbed her hair. Katylnn cried out in pain. She shouted at him to let her go. Her father laughed in her face. He slung her into a wall. Her back hit the wall and she slid down, crying from the pain.

He laughed at the pain he placed on his daughter. Katylnn didn't know who she saw in front of her anymore. He walked toward her until he stood right in front of her. Katlynn couldn't do anything. She was still shaking. She knew what was going to happen. She tried to scoot farther back, but the wall held her in place. Tears were coming out of her eyes. She began to shout for someone to rescue her. She wasn't just shouting she was screaming bloody murder.

Her screams woke up the neighbors right next door. A couple that had a small family. The wife woke up in a fright. She didn't understand what woke her up until she began to hear the screams. She looked at the clock it was already past midnight. She looked out the window to see it was the family that had the small girl that was always so respectful to everyone. She knew who it was. She looked and could see in the window, the girl was the one screaming. The wife got up and took her phone off the charger calling the police. She saw through the window the girl shaking in fear. She couldn't see far enough.

"9-1-1, what's the emergency?" The operator asked. The wife explained everything as her husband sat up rubbing her back to calm her.

The wife got off the phone as she saw Katylnn's father hitting her. "Jorge!" The wife called cried getting up from the bed. Her husband, Jorge, got up putting on decent clothes rushed to their house knocking down their door.

Katylnn's father noticed him, He smiled a wicked smile. Katlynn cried as she saw her neighbor. Jorge looked at katylnn and her mother who was still unresponsive. The police showed up right behind him. The police noticed the scene and quickly got Katylnn's father on the ground. Katylnn's father struggled under the weight of the police who tackled him to the ground.

"You have the right to be silent. Everything that you say will be held against you." One of the officers said.

The wife saw Katylnn. She walked over to her and bent down to meet her at eye level. "Katylnn," The wife said as she notices Katylnn still crying. People come into the house with two gurneys. The men put Katlynn's mom on the gurney.

"Listen Katylnn, These people are going to take you and your mom to the hospital to make sure your okay," The wife said and Katylnn nodded without looking at her neighbor. The wife understood why she couldn't look up so she didn't say anything.

A few days passed since the incident. Katylnn woke up in the hospital in a shock by a nightmare. A nurse walks in and notices Katylnn awake.

"Ms. Moore" Katylnn heard the nurse say. She turned her attention to the nurse.

The nurse smile unsure what to say. "How are you feeling today?" The nurse said.

"What happened?" Katylnn said shaking. She knew what happened but she didn't want to be right.

"Where's my mom?" Katylnn shouted as tears fell from her eyes. The nurse looked at her. She didn't exactly know what to say.

"Mrs. Moore is currently located in the hospital on the third floor," The nurse said, Katylnn didn't want to look up but she did. She could see the nurse's eyes. All it showed was sympathy, Katylnn didn't like that look. Katylnn looked down at her lap. She could still see the bruised she got the days ago still healing. Tears fall faster and faster down her face.

Katylnn didn't look around at first until she knew the nurse looked around. She was asleep for days after the incident, which is what the nurse had explained to her.


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  • No name 2 years, 11 months ago

    I really feel in the scene with her, good writing!