Submitted Date 05/05/2019

Won't it call when you least expect it?

You work but you can't find satisfaction

You shred your arm for the job

All for love

And for a hope

For sunday when you can finally breathe

To pay for your home

To pay for time with your kids

That's not a life that's pain

I don't want to always say I'm dreaming

I want to say I'm living the dream

I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck

And everybody thinks I'm going crazy.


That's the life of a dreamer.

God, come free me

I bend I twist my arm to the right and to the left

I go to make ends meet because that's what makes everybody happy

But deep down I'm struggling

I don't want to be rich

I want to be faith-filled

I don't want cars

I want to make music

I don't want fake smiles and professionalism


And at the end of the day,

That's all I'm gonna settle for

Everything else can get set aside

And that's when I'll know,

Love's at the front door.

I'll hear your steps

I'll come downstairs

And come washing your feet

I'll lay on the floor, at the edge of your feet

And I'll cry out

I'll lay down all of my worries

And dry your feet with my hair

God, I'm getting older

And I need you more

More than I need friends

More than I need a safety net

You said "I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

It's time for me to follow in your plans

And I'll risk it all

And be faithful to you

That's what I want to do

When love comes to the front door

I'm sold out

I'm crazy

I give it all to you

And you just say,

Trust in me

And you'll know more and more

I'll make a way

It will be so amazing

And you won't have to struggle all this you won't have to try

Because when you fall

It will be my grace to come pick you up

So when you're heavy, do not doubt

I will turn around the corner and stop by at your house

In the night

When you least expect it

And i'll casually say hello

But i'll bring a present

A special surprise

And say this is what you've been struggling and waiting for

And say look this is all for you

Thanks for trusting in me

And you will know that I am good

So don't lose your sleep and rest

The fight is not empty and you are not alone.

I will knock at your door

I will not come empty handed

I will not be cruel

Look at these scars on my hands

My left hand

My right hand

Look at these tears running down my cheek

I look from eternity

It's time to see that the battle belongs to the Lord

Vengeance belongs to the Lord

I love you

And here I have for you a gift for all your pain

And this is a remedy

No more frowning

You'll be sure

You'll be sure

That love was on your front door.


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