Submitted Date 08/21/2018

You heard me crying in the night,

"My dear! Don't leave me yet!"

But we were travelling separate roads,

We sang no more duet.


All would be well that somber night,

If you had kept your course.

But you crossed over fields to me;

You touched with tender force.


Enrapt in sweetest song, I twirled

In tinkling joy; my eyes

Were swept to heaven--you should not have--

I rose to my demise.


And once I saw what you had done,

That you rewoke my heart,

I threw that music off and ran;

Begone with your sweet art!


Learn not to listen to my sounds

Of pain or agony.

Learn to let me fix myself;

I need no symphony!


My road is singing with myself

And settling me with peace.

Do not come this way again;

Let your music cease.


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