Submitted Date 09/09/2022

The Raven Too


One morning that came upon me early,

I was awoken abruptly and feeling surly,

To the sound of an unrelenting rapping;

That soon turned into a continuous tapping,

At what I thought was at my bedroom door,

No sound but rap tap tap - and nothing more.


I distinctly remember the bleakness of June,

This dreary morning a raven would croon,

Crooning against my bedroom door;

Go away! Go away! I shouted loudly,

But the caws came stronger - ever proudly,

Proudly shouted at my bedroom door.


In a tussle throwing back covers they did rustle,

But not quite like they ever had before,

Quickly I opened my bedroom door;

But nothing queer could I sense amiss,

No raven, no person - no caw or hiss,

Could be found outside my bedroom door.


To the window my gaze was sent to wonder,

My displeasure of this raven's rapping thunder,

Go away! Go away! I shouted, as if to chide;

But the fowl only peered deep and dark inside,

Trying to speak some odd message to me,

But in the darkness of night I could not see.


Go away! Go away! The morning has come,

But dark of night had not even abated some,

What do you want? Why have you come? I did implore;

Reminding me of a poem by Edgar written long before,

Get up! Get up! It cried, tis no time to be sleeping,

It cried and cried on until it sounded like weeping.


I threw open the window but it did not flit, upon my window sill it continued to sit,

Wake up! Wake up! It cawed relentlessly into my face; with a flutter landing on my shoulder and it stayed in place,

Into my ear it shrieked it's mournful toll, reaching the darkest depths of my pitiful soul,

For whom do you call to mourning you evil bird!? But it continued to call me without a single word,

Death will come rapping one day for all whatever for, until the raven caw ceases and will come - nevermore.


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  • JB Guerrero 1 year, 8 months ago


  • Lillian Shaw 1 year, 8 months ago

    This is very impressive. I love how you used another poem to relate to. I also love how deep your poetry is and the style in which you write.

    • Jacqueline Hemingway 1 year, 8 months ago

      Thank you for your kind words Lilly. I enjoy feedback from other writers, especially ones as creative as you are!