Submitted Date 06/12/2019

I looked at my sister and didn't know what to say. She already knew the answer. I turned my head away. I sigh. "You know you look great in it. Why ask me?" With my arms crossed over my chest. Why does she even need to hear this? When she's the one out of us that's told everyday that she's beautiful. I looked at my appearance. We look just a like yet she's always the one guys run to. I removed the hair out of my eyes. At first it covered my face. Just to hide me. From the people I don't wish to see me. I was once told I was beautiful but that was probably a lie. My ex-boyfriend would say that but I can't believe anything he says anymore. "your not still thinking about you know who are you?" My sister asks even if she knew the answer. I sigh. Pinching my check to make myself not cry over him. Just because I promise my grandpa before he died. I smiled at my sister. "Of course not" I said as cheerful as I could. What's wrong with me? "Of course not" my sister copied me in a sarcastic tone. "If you didn't want to know don't ask me" I said annoyed. I thrown one of my sister's shirts at her. I felt my phone but in my pocket. I threw it onto the bed. I groan. I don't care I say to my head even though I know it's not true. I picked up my phone and see my sister looking at me questionably. "is it him?" She ask and I send a glare at her. She knows I don't like talking about him. I roll my eyes. "It's him isn't it?" I could feel the heat on my face rising


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  • Artem Alexandra 3 years, 2 months ago

    This is a lovely stream of consciousness, I know a lot of people having felt like this. You are beautiful though, don't forget that part.

  • Rick Doble 3 years, 2 months ago

    If your sister is beautiful and you are just alike, then you are beautiful -- only you dress differently with a different look. Real love will happen when a man likes that look of yours and not the flashier look of your sister.

  • No name 3 years, 1 month ago

    It can be hard to see yourself as beautiful, I think that's something we grow into eventually.