Submitted Date 12/15/2018

Having recently published my first book, I feel excited and very alone at the same time. I am elated to see that people will be able to read something I put my heart and soul into. Not to mention endless hours of writing and rewriting. At the same time, though I am working on book number 2 in the series, I find myself thinking; and now what? My family was and still are supportive, however, they have gone from the excitement of the awaited hour to eh, its published now what are you going to do? I know they do not mean it this way but that is the way it feels. Which is why I am here writing instead of working on my current WIP. Have a wonderful weekend all.


We are all products of the successes we make

Judged by the adventures and risks that we take

If we succeed than we are the hero of the day

If we fail we are the fool for the games that we play

Do they take us serious, no not until we succeed

We are lessened to nothing unless we fulfill their need

For glory through others is what they long for, their deepest desire

Oh if they could only see the truth and the things you admire

The ones that make us all equal in our own personal way

The need to be accepted without the games that they play

To be desired without all of the stress

Though very few will be brave enough to confess

We hope that they will see us for who we are, not what we can do

I will freely confess this, what about you?


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  • Jasmine Farrell 4 years, 9 months ago

    "If we succeed than we are the hero of the day If we fail we are the fool for the games that we play" The aforementioned line really hit me. I can relate to this entire poem. So true, but we carry on! :)

    • Mary Jaimes-Serrano 4 years, 9 months ago

      Jasmine, thank you for your feedback. I agree that we do carry on. We carry the battle scars that make us who we are and hope that as creative minds, they make us better.