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The kitchen can be a sad and lonely place. Knives get dull or rusty, plastic cookware warp from the flames of a stove. Somehow you have six butter knives but only three spoons, and one of them fell down the garbage disposal so it has a serrated edge. Show your kitchen some love before all the holiday parties flood through the door. All of these suggestions are perfect for those who need a kitchen pick-me-up. These items are under $100 and take your kitchen to the next level of adulting.

Stunning Walnut Cheese Board

Rustic, handmade and natural wood pieces are stylish accents in the kitchen. Not only is this board beautiful but every design is unique because these are made to order and not mass-manufactured. A cheese board is great for the hostess at any get-together. Cheese, smoked meats, and briny olives are not included. This makes a wonderful wedding gift or just something to give yourself. Order the board customized with your name, or without. The board is charming either way. Cheese and smoked meats are not included.

4-Slice Toaster

This is on my own personal list. I don't think I'll necessarily need it for holiday parties but I am still using a toaster I bought for under $20 almost 10 years ago. The dial is decorative and if I'm not paying attention I'll have charred bagels for breakfast. If my toaster reminds you of your toaster invest in a new one, that isn't on clearance, and actually functions. KitchenAid is a quality brand that I love to use. I've been using a KitchenAid mixer for all my baking needs, for years. This is a brand I trust. This toaster is available in other colors to match other appliances you already own.

Kitchen Storage Canisters

Etsy has an awesome kitchen selection to browse through. These canisters are glazed handmade ceramic containers for dry ingredients. The picture displays specific labels of your choice for whatever you want to store inside. Each container includes a cork lid to keep contents inside. These can easily add a simple elegance to your kitchen counters.

Agate Coasters
$13 each

Are you truly an adult? You may need some fancy coasters to protect your precious surfaces. I know I do. These coasters are beautiful, each is unique because they are made from Brazillian Agate Stone. They are glazed smooth and encrusted in a gold foil edge. Do yourself a favor and check out this shop on Etsy.

Glass Food Storage Solutions

Part of a clean kitchen is an organized kitchen. These storage containers are perfect because they are glass, and the contents are always visible. The lids seal freshness in easily. Store dried pasta, cereal, or grains. This set is a group of five different sized containers. Simply cut the clutter in the kitchen, you'll want to use it more when it isn't so chaotic.

Fluted Cake Pan

Anyone who enjoys baking needs a fluted cake pan. These are the pans required for those sweet Angel Food cake recipes. Turn any cake into an elegant work of art with this cake pan. The mold creates a perfect shape every time. Wilton is the brand I trust for my baking supplies because it's affordable and their products last.

4-Piece Baking Strips

A clever little baking secret to guarantee flat tops on cakes. Flat, even tops are ideal for layering cakes and sometimes that is hard to pull off. These baking strips are easy to use. They are adjustable to fit most cake pans. The strips wrap around cake pans while they bake. The wet strip allows the cake to bake evenly without a dome. No more cake leveling or reshaping needed. Save your time and energy.

Programmable Coffee Maker

I've learned the hard way that an affordable coffee maker might not make the best coffee. Next time I will be willing to spend more for my coffee maker. I'm old fashioned because I enjoy a carafe, however, those seem to be phasing out. This system is programmable with a carafe and a single-cup option. Under $100 is a steal. Most coffee makers with all these bells and whistles are more expensive. My last coffee maker lasted for almost ten years. My current one sounds like it might not make it until the new year.

"Unpaper Towels"

In order to decrease our dependency on recyclable goods like plastic and paper, people are finding alternative soulutions. Meet the Unpaper Towel. These are reusable and washable. They are available in a variety of prints on Etsy. Each bundle includes 12 towels. Customers can choose their own prints, mixed prints or surprise prints. An easy way to quit buying so many paper towels.

Flatware Caddy

Raise your hand if you're still using that cheap caddy from your first apartment— I can't be the only one. This caddy is made of wood, is large enough for all of your flatware. It can be easily cleaned and maintained. I love that it's pretty enough to sit on top of a counter instead of inside a drawer. A very grown-up case for the very grown-up.

Wine Rack

In order to be a true adult, you'll need a wine rack. This one is solid wood, in a rich dark drown finish. It holds 7 bottles of wine at a time conveniently on a counter. The caddy can sit tucked away safely instead of dangling haphazardly like some other wine racks. No more whining over where to put the wine.

Ashley Aker


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