Submitted Date 04/12/2022

As I beheld a seraph
alighting on the spire
of the bell tower I tend
my thoughts flew even higher

her wings were like white blazing snow
under a whitewash winter sun
her hair like polished platinum
her grandeur seen by only one

her eyes like two raging fires
a face blazing like a star
a robe woven of praises
of the faithful near and far

In her hands she grasped a blade
solidified quicksilver
a holy blade of fury
but no one here can kill her

she turned her eyes upon me
my soul laid bare for her sight
her regard terrified me
but filled my mind with starlight

Son of man, you should not see me
it is not your time to die
avert your eyes and tell no one
I am eternity in guise

I come to weigh the hearts of man
and of woman's worth to be sure
this world has gone aground you see
I hope to find one heart that's pure

I could only fall down and weep
as she departed on the wing
and since I now am soon to die
I must tell you of her coming

so scour your heart of evil thought
do not yearn for more tomorrows
redeem the time you've been gifted
do not multiply your sorrows

Brady S BowenI like pretty words.


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