Submitted Date 04/16/2019

You ever take a walk in a field, feel the grass beneath your feet and just day dream. It's all coming alive. The trees move in the breeze and your lungs fill with cool, fresh air. It's all been worth it. You're finally here, on top of the hill you never thought you would be. Where is this place?

It's the place where your heart's desire crashes into reality. It's your wedding day. It's the day you record your first album. It's here and now. And how do you get here? Struggle.

Struggle looks like midnight stressing as you hold onto your tears and push for one more night- like you say every night. Struggle means saving money for that one good meal with your love. Struggle means smiling when you want to say no. Struggle isn't everything, but it's something that taught you what it means to be here.What it means to feel the breeze and really enjoy it this time because this time you're not taking anything for granted.

You hold your boyfriend's hands like you've never done because you know what it took for him to be here. You hold your tongue when you argue because you would rather have him be here then out there.

You want to win every argument but that's not realistic or what real couples do. You want to excel at your job but that's not the place you want to be or are meant to be. You refuse to succumb to the version of you that society has placed on you. You refuse to smile in a wrong position- you want your position. The place in life you chose for yourself.

So that's why you're happy that you're here. That you fought and you've just won the fight. You've broken though. That's why you've finally finished the race. And now look, you never thought you'd fly this high.



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  • Tomas Chough 5 years, 2 months ago

    It's the day you record your first album.
    This resonated so much with me. As a musician, I'm always waiting for that "finally" moment. Even though I've already recorded stuff, there's always that next step. Until one day a huge show will be my "finally", but then what? That's why it's so great to feel that moment as much as we can in the present moment. The more we enjoy now, the more we'll enjoy all moments. Everything will be a reason to be thankful and happy. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Miranda Fotia 5 years, 2 months ago

    Great inspirational piece! Thanks for sharing!

  • No name 5 years, 2 months ago

    I really loved how you set the scene, wow!