Submitted Date 08/09/2019

The pain is rising, I fear it is worse,

Why must it be like this, this terrible curse,

I feel I am falling but want no one to see,

This pain that is building is slowly killing me,

I fear its advancement day after day,

Why is it life has to be this way,

It is my job to protect them not for them to care for me,

The tides are changing and I don't want them to see,

My heart is breaking knowing one day I will have to say goodbye,

Till then, I sit in the shadows and watch them glow, as I cry,

I worry they will shatter as my heart has at the news,

I fear for their future, which paths will they choose,

I fear the uncertain, the strange, and unknown,

Has it been enough, the love and knowledge I have shown,

Will they know when the time is near,

Destinies are uncertain, cloudy, and unclear,

I treasured the patterns, the consistent, the control,

Now the fear surrounds me as I slowly lose my goal,

I reach from the shadows, one more day to behold,

I long for a day I may never see or so I am told,

Will my time be enough to show them the way,

Will I have the strength to explain what I have no words to say,

Fill me with faith, that my sorrows may ease,

Fill me with hope, that no one else sees,

The fear surrounds me with each new day's dawn,

Will my love be enough, when my time is gone?

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