Submitted Date 02/10/2021

He was standing still. He didnt want to make a sound as everyone around him smiled and looked around. She smiled from a far and looked away, to not be noticed.

"Cassie" she heard his voice and turned to her best friend Chase. Chase shook her head at his dpe-eyed best friend.

"Why don't you juag talk to him?" Chase suggested "he's just a normal person"

"No, he's not he's Adam Gergory" Cassie said smiling with sparkles in her eyes

"And Adam Gregory is just an ordinary name" Cassie sighed, shaking her head. He couldn't understand. Chase was popular despite hanging out and being friends with Cassie, who was a nerd.

"I'm Chase Gregory though" Chase laughed. Chase was actually also Adam's twin brother however he was younger than him.

"Yes but you actually talk to me in or outside of school" Cassie says "anyone else in your position in the school, doesn't say a word to me"

"Because you never looked up into the world"

"Because books never made me disappoined or question, why I'm the way I am" Cassie says looking into the mirror of her locker

"Cassie, you are more that what you see" Chase says "I wish you could tell"

"I'm a mess" Cassie says


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