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Are you searching for some quick and easy back to school lunch ideas? Then, take time to scan this list for ideas! These ideas will help you to make lunchtime prep relaxed and speedy!

Quick & Easy Basics

There are a variety of methods to come up with some quick and easy food ideas for lunch. One approach is to include a fruit (or veggie), a protein, a bread (carb) in your child's lunch along with their drink. Many moms like to include milk as their child's drink, which is rich in calcium.

Easy protein ideas can include a variety of cheeses. Moreover, you can also include items such as ham, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Alternatively, for the vegan child, think about adding a protein such as beans, peas, tofu, or soy-based meats.

45 - Three (3) Ingredient Lunch Ideas

路 Apples, Peanut Butter, Saltines

路 Bananas, Almond Butter, Round Crackers

路 Peaches, Almond Slivers, Yogurt

路 Pears, Cheddar Cheese Cubes, Small Bread Sticks

路 Blueberries, Mango, American Cheese

路 Boiled Eggs, Pita, Shredded Mild Cheddar

路 Ham Cubes, Cucumbers, Carrots (plus ranch dressing)

路 Fruit Parfait, Granola Topping, Brie Cheese

路 Blue Cheese, Sweet Peaches, Veggie Crackers

路 Half Pita Pocket, Egg Scramble with Small Cubed Onions

路 Ground Turkey, Diced Tomatoes, Navy Beans

路 Banana, Wheat Tortilla, Butter of Choice (Nut or Seed)

路 Egg Cups (Baked), Shredded Ham, Choice Cheese

路 Tuna, Celery, Greek Yogurt (Create a Spread on a Slice of Bread)

路 Pineapple Chunks, Cheesy Burrito, Tortilla Chips

路 Hummus, Rice Cake Crackers, Cucumbers

路 Shredded Lean Chicken, Steamed Carrots, Greek Yogurt (Can Add Small Amount of Favorite Seasoning)

路 Oranges, Carrot Chips, Sliced Turkey

路 Roasted Chickpeas, Tomato Soup, Oyster Crackers

路 Nut Butter & Healthy Jelly on Wheat Bread

路 Shredded Chicken with Small Amount of Mayo, Pickles, Carb of Choice

路 Strawberries (On Side), Black Beans with Simple Seasoning, Wrap of Choice

路 Tomatoes, Lettuce, Sub Roll for Veggie Hoagie Sandwich

路 Rye Bread, Cream Cheese Spread, Healthy Peach Preserves

路 Sliced Salami, Cream Cheese Spread, Jewish Rye Bread

路 Whole Wheat Slice, Cucumbers, Cream Cheese (Add Apple Slices)

路 Prepared Egg Salad, Half Pita, Sweet Pickle

路 Baked Croissant, Apple Slices, Cheese Snack Bars

路 Homemade Trail Mix, Purple Grapes, Whole Wheat Crackers

路 Ham & Cheese Mix on a Stick, Pretzel Twists, Sliced Tomatoes

路 Baked Mini Smoked Sausage in Croissant, Green Grapes

路 Fresh Fruit Salad, Cream Cheese Dip, Tortilla

路 Soy Yogurt, Berries, Walnuts (Or Nuts of Choice)

路 Kiwi & Strawberries, Grilled Cheese Sandwich

路 "Fried" Rice with Carrots & Peas (Add Fruit of Choice)

路 Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower, Hummus Spread (Add Crackers If Desired)

路 Cottage Cheese, Orange Slices, Shredded Meat of Choice

路 Mixed Veggies, Tofu, Fruit of Choice

路 Cooked Beans, Rice of Choice, Salad Options

路 Applesauce, Raisins, Skewers (Add Fruits, Veggies, Cheeses, Proteins of Choice)

路 Turkey Pinwheels 鈥 Tortilla, Turkey, Spinach (Can Add Small Spread of Cream Cheese)

路 Veggie Sandwich with Hummus Spread (Choice of Veggies)

路 Cucumber Slices, Pasta Salad Mix (Pasta & Veggies of Choice)

路 Salmon Salad in Pita, Black Olives, Fruit Medley

Mix & Match Back to School Food Ideas

Now, you have some quick and easy ideas for back to school lunches for the children. Mix and match the main ingredients and fruits or veggies. Think about including various textures and colors of food.

The idea is to create quick and easy options which are healthy. Moreover, you can always prepare other cooked items when time is available. Use some leftovers from dinner for the next day and add new fresh ingredients to provide a natural "make-over."

Introduce New Foods with Kid-Friendly Favorites

Do you desire for your child to try some new foods? Why not include small amounts of the new food with kid-friendly favorites? This approach will provide some favorite foods in the lunch along with small amounts of the new food.

Some children will try smaller amounts of new food without feeling overwhelmed. In other words, if the child sees the "smaller" measure, he or she may be more likely to try it out with a favorite food.

Make-Ahead Family Favorites

Make favorite family soups in double batches. Freeze smaller portions of the soup and include a serving in your school lunches with cheese cubes, a veggie, or a fruit.

While making sandwich salads for your meals, prepare simple recipes your child will enjoy. For example, let's say you are making chicken salad. Prepare a simple version of the mixture 鈥 with only a few ingredients. Set aside a small amount for your back to school lunches. Then, you can add more elements to the remaining recipe for adult flavors.

During dinner prep, make a few extras for the next day's school lunches. One prep session provides food for the next day. If you are making a grilled cheese for dinner, then prepare an extra one for school lunch tomorrow. This process of making a little extra can be done for a variety of dinner menu items.

Plan Ahead to Save Time

Planning for school lunches is a real time saver. Some moms plan one week at a time. Other moms (or dads) will prepare for two weeks of school lunches.

Choose your lunches for the period desired. Create your shopping list which is ready and waiting for you when you go to the store. For fresh fruits and veggies, buying the weekend before the planned weekly lunches are best.

Rotate Weekly Menu Options

Once you are better at creating weekly school lunch plans, you can even rotate your weekly menu with a prepared shopping list already in hand (from previous weeks).

For example, you may have six different weekly menu plans for school lunches. Use each weekly menu plan for round one. Then, after using all six weeks, start again with week one working through each of the six weeks.

Here is a simple way to see how six weeks of rotating school lunch menus work:

Week One School Lunch Menu (First Rotation)

Week Two School Lunch Menu (First Rotation)

Week Three School Lunch Menu (First Rotation)

Week Four School Lunch Menu (First Rotation)

Week Five School Lunch Menu (First Rotation)

Week Six School Lunch Menu (First Rotation)

Week One School Lunch Menu (Start Over for Second Rotation)

Week Two School Lunch Menu (Second Rotation 鈥 continue through each week again)

In Conclusion

So, now you have 45 ideas for back to school quick & easy lunches. Add more ideas of your own. Include some dinner time "makeovers" for lunch the next day. Provide new variety for the child while including family favorites.

Strategize to save time by generating five-day menus and recyclable shopping lists. Use weekly rotations to make meal prep for school time a breeze for you and your family.

Do you have ideas you would like to share? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Barbi Green


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