Submitted Date 04/28/2020

Hey guys, I'm here to share my all-time favorite workout accounts on YouTube! Working from home and working out from home have definitely required some adjustments and a whole lot of energy and motivation. Which is why I wanted to share some workout pages that have amazing videos online that are easy and fun to follow along with so that you can get in those 20+ minutes of sweat and movement.

1. Chloe Ting - Chloe is INCREDIBLE. She has a bunch of free programs both on her YouTube page and on her website. Her videos are short, but killer and she has a range of exercises from arm workouts to full body.

2. Sarah Beth - Sarah Beth is my Yoga go-to account. Her voice is super soothing and serves as the perfect guide while doing my daily yoga practice. Her videos range from short and sweet (10 min) to 30 min of power yoga workouts.

3. Yoga with Adriene - Adriene is another one of my favorites! She is super quirky and down to earth and has an amazing 30-day yoga challenge that I am currently doing.

4. Pop Sugar Fitness - I can't even begin to explain how much I love this page! They have everything from toning pilates to killer cardio and Zumba. And each video has a different guest trainer that helps you stay focused and motivated.

I hope some of these inspire you to change up your routine a bit or simply stay on track and get that body moving and healthy!




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