Submitted Date 01/15/2019

As I lay awake I watch you soundly sleep.
Every moment we spend together is cherished in so many ways.
In the middle of the night, I feel you turn over and hold on to me tightly.
Making me feel so safe knowing I'm in your loving arms.
Nights when we anger one another,
I wake in the morning to find myself still wrapped in your arms.
Loving you has saved me from a time when real love is taken for granted.
There once was a time when love was sacred.
When lovers love would last for many generations.
I have been blessed to know such love in you.
No love is easy, we all have our faults.
But true love is magical!
Even in a world where we are told that magic doesn't exist.
I always held the light of magic in my heart.
With the hope of one day finding some who holds a light as bright as mine.
The moment you told me you loved me our love lights intertwined and created a star.
Now no matter where we are or how far apart we'll ever be....
When we look up in the night sky we'll see our love shining brightly.


Regina M Basile


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