Submitted Date 03/06/2022

With constant new features and changing algorithms, it's at least a part-time job to keep up with your social media page. Whether you have just one book or many, take a load off by letting me help you plan out a month's worth of social media ideas. And, why do 30 when I can give you 31? Let me know which one was your favorite!

About your book
1. Share your favorite page of your book and why
2. Share a thank you to your illustrator - or anyone else who helped with your book and tag them
3. Share the hardest part of writing your book
4. Share how you decided on your book titles
5. Share about the publishing or self-publishing company you used and tag them
6. Share a before/after for any part of your book
7. Share a picture of one of your readers and your book (with their permission of course)
8. Share a customer review of your book and tag the site

9. Share one of your favorite quotes about writing
10. Share your writing space (even if it's a couch)
11. Share a modern book you are reading and tag the author
12. Share a story about someone who supported you in writing/publishing your book
13. Share a book from an author or illustrator who inspired you (preferably the same genre) and tag them
14. Share what inspired you to write in your genre
15. Share a specific item from your writing space and tag the company you got it from
16. Share something you'd love to have in your writing space and tag the company

17. Share a book in honor of the heritage month (Women's History Month, Native American Heritage Month, etc.)
18. Share your take on the importance of libraries and tag your local library
19. Share how you found your illustrator or editor and tag the company or person
20. Share an organization for writers of your genre and tag them
21. Share a computer program or app you use for writing and tag them
22. Share a resource you used for writing your book
23. Share a mistake you've learned from
24. Share a minority-owned bookstore and tag them

25. Share a lip sync to Reading Rainbow (T. Youngs) with your book
26. Share a cosplay from your book or another book in your genre
27. Share something you wear or drink while you write and tag the brand
28. Share a reel of books from your shelf to I'm Gonna Read (Turtle Dance Music)
29. Share a fun fact related to your genre
30. Share a reenactment of how it feels when someone buys/reviews your book
31. Share a funny meme or gif

*ANDREA HOPE is a poet, editor, and world citizen, whose works have won acclaim in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Her poetry books, TO MOTHER and Will You Break the Silence? are available on Amazon.*


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